About Me.

I am a novice cyclist.  I have been writing for a while.  I like both pursuits.

I also like that feeling right after a ride when your legs are so tired and you are eating a grilled cheese sandwich at a bar and drinking a really cheap beer and you are well aware you kind of smell like sweat, but no one seems to really mind, because they smell just the same.  I like talking with cyclists about feminism.  I like it when someone brings up something really interesting to think about.  I like it when I don’t come in last in a race, but often this is the not the case, so I don’t really mind coming in last because at least I finished.  What I don’t like is DNFing.  I also don’t like that feeling when you are super hungry and about to bonk on a ride.  That’s not so good.  I do like that you are reading this blog and I love it when people comment and offer up tips.  I also like it when kids wave at me when I’m riding and even more when they clap.  I really like clapping.


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